Please use one of these models for the exercises below:

If possible, do these exercises at least twice. First by studying the technique and copying what you see. Then take those principals and apply them to a second test with Norman or Earless Dog as a unique character as described on pages 16 - 18. Keep track of the time it takes to complete and post it with your assignment.

Fundamentals of Drawing:
Attitude Poses (Assignment on Page 6) (Read pages 16 - 28)
Character Construction & Design (Assignment on Page 53)
Drawing for Animation
Challenge test:: 30 Second Test of Calvin & Hobbes (Assignment on Page 14)

Fundamentals of Animation:
Planning Process - X-Sheet
Improving Attitude poses by studying Walks & Runs (pages 7 - 10)
Timing & Breaking down the scene well (Read or Reread pages 102-146)
Pencil Grab (Assignment on Page 99)
Breaking Down the Door (Assignment on Page 99 & 111)
Head and Hat turn (Assignment on Page 99)
Moving Holds (Assignment on Page 12 & 13)
Throwing a Punch (Assignment on Page 107)
Doing a take (Assignment on Page 107)
Swatting a fly (Assignment on Page 107)
Fainting (Assignment on Page 108)
Gasping (Assignment on Page 108)
Arm point (Assignment on Page 109)
Look up (Assignment on Page 109)
Crouch (Assignment on Page 110)
Squash & Stretch
Bouncing Ball & Flour Sack (Assignment on Page 117)
Jumping Character (Assignment on Page 118)
Take (Assignment on Page 118)
Animal Run
Overlapping Action
Full Body Turn (Assignment on Page 122)
Arrive from a sidestep into a stop (Assignment on Page 123)
Flapping Flag (Assignment on Page 124)
Hair on Head study (Assignment on Page 124)
Vest vs waist coat study (Assignment on Page 124)
Run Cycle with different layers of overlap (Assignment on Page 128)
Weight, Balance, Mass and Volume
Character Stomping (Assignment on Page 130 & 131)
Character pushing a block (Assignment on Page 132)
Properties of Matter
Two different ball types (Assignment on Page 137)
Character being hit by a brick (Assignment on Page 138)
Character carrying a plank of wood (Assignment on Page 139)
FX animation of water & mud (Assignment on Page 139 & 141)
Dropping Mashed potatoes & paper (Assignment on Page 142 & 143)
Fire (Assignment on Page 144)
Smoke & Steam (Assignment on Page 144)
Drapery  (Assignment on Page 145)
Animating Shapes
Character hand turn Expressive Eyes (Assignment on Page 165)
Head turn with hair & beard (Assignment on Page 166 & 167)

Improved Attitude poses by applying fundamentals of animation
Layout & Staging (Assignment on Page 97)
Animating to Music
A Convincing Tremble (Assignment on Page 187)

Advanced Acting:
Improved Attitude Poses
Expressive Eyes (Assignment on Page 40)
Facial Expressions
Lip-Sync Expressive Eyes (Assignment on Page 163)